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BunkerTrace: Track & Trace Marine Fuel

Collaborators: BLOC, Forecast Technology

Awards: MIT, Next Step Challenge, Lloyd’s List

Developed together with the maritime industry to address the industry-wide concerns about emissions, downtime, engine damage and costs to shipowners, BunkerTrace was developed to supply a product that can give clarity on the origin, the composition and quality of marine fuels. Our product is a turnkey solution for marking and tracing marine fuel, offering end-to-end oversight and control of the marine fuel supply chain through the combination of synthetic DNA and blockchain technology. Our mission is to decarbonise shipping and shift in the industry towards more sustainable fuels by providing evidence of the authenticity, quality and emissions of fuels for actionable environmental insights and compliance.

Through combining state of the art scientific testing and digital and forensic technologies, BunkerTrace bridges the physical and digital to create a chain of custody that follows the fuel throughout the bunkering supply chain. This traceability is achieved through the introduction of secure tags (finger prints) in the form of ‘oligonucleotides’ (short single strands of synthetic DNA) into the physical product (the fuel) that are encoded with information about the fuel. Through our digital bunker delivery note application, data is recorded in a secure, private blockchain creating an immutable digital record of the fuel, its quality parameters and movement throughout the supply chain.