Who we are

At Bloc, our values are critically important and underpin our work, our way of thinking and our way of life. We aim to foster true collaboration underpinned by open and transparent technologies. We have a mindset that means we are not afraid to disagree, and are healthily sceptical of our own technology. We support each other and our partners both as individuals and in the way we view and communicate the frontier technologies we work. We are adaptive; technology is morphing constantly, as are the needs of the markets we work within. We are do-ers; focused on working with industry partners to implement, not just theorise.

blockchain for
teamwork. success. innovation.

blockchain for real teamwork. success. innovation.


Remaining adaptive over playing safe

Technology is constantly changing...and so are we. We are adaptive, morphing with the frontier technologies and markets we work within. This means that we don’t believe in one way of doing things. Our methods and offerings will evolve as opportunities and challenges arise, and while we stay explorative, we’ll push our clients to be the same.

Real results over talk and vapor

While others only discuss, we act. Too much innovation is defined by talk and no action. We focus on working with our partners to implement, not just theorise. By experimenting and launching real solutions, we discover the true potential of technology and create the real change needed to solve major societal challenges.

Positive impact over pumping profit

We think it is about time we learn to design sustainable businesses that drive positive impact and create profits from solutions rather than problems. We will strive to openly foster, create and measure that impact and to say no to projects solely aiming to maximise profit at the expense of our values. Positive impact above all.


Deana MacDonald


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Deanna MacDonald

Founder & CEO